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Empowering leaders to accelerate
their skills and make their teams

creative, compassionate, and effective

About Us

B. Cognition Labs provides context-based courses and personal coaching for senior and mid-level higher-ed library and IT leaders that makes their growth

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B.Cognition Labs' is partnering with NERCOMP to present our Leadership Empowerment and Acceleration Program (LEAP), a 3-month Program that provides a unique development opportunity for established mid-career leaders (generally already at the Director, Sr. Director, Associate University Librarian, Vice President, or Vice Provost level) who wish to thrive better in complex and disruptive environments.

LEAP encourages participants to approach leadership as a set of contextual behaviors that empower groups, instead of an expression of individual technical competence.

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By completing this course, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Experiment with important new leadership behaviors.

  • Apply insights and learnings within your work context.

  • Model key leadership approaches, including collaboration, negotiation, and conflict resolution.

Participants should expect to participate regularly online during each week of the program. You must be able to commit up to five hours per week every week from September 23-January 8.  Each course week will include videos, discussions, graded assignments with feedback, small groups discussions, and full class meetings. Attendance in the weekly meetings is required.

Participants and faculty will meet face-to-face on September 24th and 25th, as well as January 7th and 9th, and participate in additional activities and networking opportunities. Attendees are expected to be present for all scheduled activities/sessions during the in-person portion of the workshop.

Attendance in both the online and face-to-face components of the program is required.

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B.Cognition Labs teaches independent leadership development courses that include individual coaching to help mid- and high-level leaders develop behaviors to lead and thrive. We help leaders shift from leadership as an individual to leadership as a contextual and social act of empowering, enabling, and adapting. 


We look at leadership and adult development holistically and with empathy, to help leaders develop their skills and create an organization that values human beings,  not just efficient processes. 



Most of the time, people evaluate situations in a quick, analytical way. Psychologist Abraham Maslow studied people who seemed sophisticated and advanced in their humanity.

He believed these people had a way of knowing things in a different way, which he called B-Cognition, which encompasses empathy, and radiates love, joy, contentedness, and acceptance.

B. Cognition
David Wedaman

David Wedaman is an expert in organizational development analysis and coaching. He specializes in high-growth, high-change, in-transition organizations, and organizations facing existential threats.



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Joshua Wilson is the Founding Principal of Flywheel Strategies and Vice Chair of Apereo Foundation. Previously he served as VP and COO of Longsight Inc., and Associate Director of the MISO Survey. He provides strategy, change management, and alignment leadership, and is known for his exceptional mentoring skills.


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Stephanie Gerber Wilson is an expert in strategy, storytelling, and communications coaching. She specializes in making ideas and people better, more clear, and more effective. She also hosts a podcast and helps pro-democracy political candidates running for state and local office.

What Clients Say

When sorting through a complex problem, Dave is one I want in the room with me! An astute intellectual and creative thinker, he always arrives with a unique prospective capable of bringing both the forest and the trees into perspective. Incorporating his extensive educational background with a genuine intrigue for people, process, and systems allows him to create playfully effective approaches to complicated issues. Having had the opportunity to work with Dave over the past year has been both a delightfully energizing experience and a privilege!"



Josh Wilson is an exceptional leader and strategist in the higher education space, with a history of creating strategic plans and executing technology initiatives. Josh leverages his extensive expertise gathering and interpreting institutional data to inform his thoughtful, reasoned, data-driven decision-making. He possesses expert fluency in the realms of institutional leadership and governance. Josh's management style is firm, humane, transparent, and consultative, and he inspires loyalty and high productivity in his direct and indirect reports. He is a keen and curious intellect, and a thoroughly decent human being."



Stephanie was a pleasure to work with and guided me every step of the way. ..She was very patient with me and was able to help me prioritize, focus, verbalize my ideas, and pull it all together. I am in the process of beginning a new chapter and changing careers, so Stephanie helped me incorporate my prior experience and apply it to my new chosen field. I highly recommend working with Stephanie to help solidify your ideas ..."


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