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Coach. Cat Herder. Communicator.

Our founders boast a breadth of experience and expertise rarely found in the same place. For a (longish) time, Brandeis University benefited from their talent. They stand ready to help you and your organization thrive.

David Wedaman

David Wedaman

David assesses cultural, learning, organizational, and human systems both quantitatively and qualitatively and provides expertise in organizational health, governance, nonprofit management, and leadership development.
He coaches leaders on how to navigate change effectively and make their organizations function more effectively and humanely.

He holds an MA in Organizational Development and a PhD in Comparative Literature.

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Joshua Wilson

 Joshua is the Founding Principal of Flywheel Strategies, Vice Chair of the Apereo Foundation and the former VP/COO of Longsight Inc. He helps organizations and initiatives achieve sustained success over time. His compassionate leadership has kept his teams grounded, satisfied, and highly functional. Joshua's specialty is in humane leadership and management — or as he calls it, herding cats.

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Stephanie Gerber Wilson

Stephanie has been a strategic leader for her entire career. Her first question in almost any interaction is, "What do you want to achieve?"

She helps her clients understand their goals and motivations, and coaches them on their communications strategies in every type of interaction.

She has founded two nonprofit organizations and is host of the podcast Freedom Over Fascism. She ran several research centers at Brandeis University and holds an MA and PhD in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies.

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