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When we help your organization, we learn about the way you do things, and then we provide recommendations to help you design and implement a participatory change processes that address the psychological effect of the change on members of the organization. Or, more simply, we give you simple, practical recommendations to help you lead your team.

Stephanie has been a strategic communications professional for 25 years. Her first question in almost any business interaction is, "What do you want to achieve?"

She helps her clients understand their core identity and how to represent that visually. She creates branding. logos, websites, blogs, and social media. She is known for understanding her clients' vision when even they have only a vague understanding of what they're looking for.

Stephanie is also the founder of two nonprofit organizations specializing in political messaging and social media advocacy. She served as the founding Assistant Director at the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies and then ran several research centers at Brandeis International Business School. She holds an MA and PhD in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies.

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